40 chapatis, 10 plates of rice: Man’s meal for a day at quarantine centre in Bihar’s Buxar

A 23-year-old man in a quarantine centre in Bihar’s Buxar has left officials baffled after it was reported that he eats 40 rotis (chapatis) in breakfast and about eight to 10 plates of rice during lunch every day. Anup Ojha who had returned from Rajasthan has been quarantined at Manjhwari quarantine centre in Buxar.

When the officials were informed about the man’s unusual diet, they decided to pay a visit to the quarantine centre during the lunch hour. When they saw the man consume food that could feed at least 10 people, the officials were shocked.

Ojha’s unusual diet led to a shortage of grains and other food supplies at the quarantine centre. When the officials were informed that the quarantine facility was running out of stock despite the limited number of migrants at the centre.

“We were informed that a Bihar delicacy ‘litti’ (a dough ball made of wheat flour and stuffed with roasted chickpea) was prepared for the migrants staying in the quarantine centre, Ojha ate 85 littis that day. The cook, who prepares roti, is now tired of preparing so many chapatis for one particular individual. So, we decided to get a first-hand account of this person and his diet,” Block Development Officer (BDO) AK Singh told Deccan Herald.

“Ojha’s quarantine period is about to end. We have instructed the cook that he should not be deprived of food. Nor there should be any slash in his diet. Let him have whatever he wants,” the officials have directed the manager of the quarantine facility.

Coronavirus in Bihar
Bihar has reported 3,061 confirmed cases of COVID-19. Fifteen coronavirus-related deaths have been reported from the state. As many as 1,083 people have recovered from the viral infection.

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