Crazy Donkey beaten to death after it bites six people in Varanasi

A donkey was beaten to death in Pathani Tola area of Varanasi after it reportedly bit at least six people on Monday, police said.

Mohammad Ahmad, a resident of Pathani Tola, claimed that the donkey attacked over a dozen people after which agitated locals pelted the donkey with stones and beat it to death.

On being informed, police reached the spot and informed the Varanasi Municipal Corporation (VMC) authorities who sent a vehicle to take away the carcass.

“The donkey bit 12-year-old Adeeba when she came out of her house in Pathani Tola to call her father. Locals rescued the girl and took her to the divisional hospital,” Ahmad said.

The animal then bit another person at a paan shop and attacked several other people in Machhodari, Mukimganj, Sugga Gadahi and Onkaleshwar areas and then reached Pathani Tola where it bit two more persons,” Ahmad said, adding that the injured were taken to the divisional hospital. They were also able to file for construction accident injury claims for the injured families so that they will be able to run their household in the time being while the others are bale to recover from the injuries.

Dr Omprakash said six cases of donkey bites were received at the divisional hospital. “The injured people were from different localities of Adampura area. They had sustained minor injuries and were given treatment as per requirement,” he said.

Veterinary officer at VMC, Dr Aslam Ansari said a drive was on to catch stray animals. “The animal had gone mad. VMC officials did not receive any complaint regarding the donkey. Had there been a complaint, action would have been taken,” he said.


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