Ecofriendly drive in School: recycling unit on campus in School of Bengaluru

A private school has set an example for the rest by establishing a recycling unit in the school campus and generating power from the same for everyday use. Vidyashilp Academy generates 800 sheets of recycled paper on the campus daily. The school is located in Jakkur and is affiliated to The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations and the University Of Cambridge International Examinations.

Till date the school has saved 4,223 trees, 59,62,560 litres of water, one month’s electricity to 10,931 households and helped 7,453 underprivileged children by recycling 2,48,440 kg of newspapers. To do so, the school utilises manpower of five people, five units of electricity and 350 litres of water per day and the school recycles 40 kg of raw material. The paper materials used across all departments at the school are collected in large bins placed inside the campus.

They are one of the few schools to have a mini waste paper recycling unit on its campus. Maintained by the Paper Recycling unit, the unit has been erected in a room and is made up of separate machines that include a small machine for pulping, screw pressing, drying and smoothening the paper.

Interestingly, campus annual reports and newsletters are all manufactured with the recycled paper. The school has a store where it collects all notebooks, newspapers, magazines and e-waste. Files carry bags, envelopes, photo frames, notebooks, diaries, calendars, tissue boxes, and pencil holders are some of the products made with the recycled paper. The school also uses the paper to print invitations and programme brochures for events held on campus.

A spokesperson from the school said, “Our school stands second at the national level and first in South India at the Behtar India campaign.


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