Entrainment World: The Baseline COVID19 Worriers

During the pandemic situation when everyone saluting the frontline Corona worriers such as Doctors, Nurses, health worker, Police person, Safai karmachari, but how can we forget the baseline warriors! Those people taking care of our mental health by means of entertainment. It includes the entire media person reporter, journalist, actor, anchor, singer, dance, camera man, script writer, set designer, makeup artist, light man and those entire workers help to make a successful show.

Generally we give credited to all the news agency people, who update us with latest news. They visited all the Corona treatment hospitals with their life in risk to get daily news. However, we can’t forget those advertisements making company those take the first initiative to make awareness videos. Due to that only common people get knowledge of COVID 19 symptoms like fever, cough, breathing difficulties. In addition people know about the virus and all the precautionary measure like wearing mask, maintaining physical distancing of 6 ft, and hand sanitization/washing importance etc. When traveling becomes a norm people would go back to exploring other treatment options through medical tourism and find the one suitable for them.

In recent news we saw that famous singer and the garbha qeen Phalguni Pathak singing from her balcony to entertain colony people, that’s how she took the initiative to spread happiness. Similarly, other artist also take some mean of either online or offline to entertain the world. Even after Unlock all the TV Serials, Radio artist, Youtuber and Flim Industry started their work by following all the safety guidelines. Don’t you think that already taking lot of risk to make you entertained? From on screen heros to off screen everyone superhero need recognition for their everyday fight. How can we forget all the cab, bus or truck driver involve in entertainment business who taking care of everyday our happiness and all the security guard taking care of laws in the pandemic.

In addition all the artist like Actor, Dancer, Singer and Radio Jokey play an important role to take care of common people mental health. They make videos, audio, podcast during the lock down situation, because of one simple theory as “The Show Must Go On…” Thus my request to all please do respect to this people who taking care of your mental health in the pandemic crisis, without bothering self health, as they are also a warrior.

Priyanka Roy (Kolkata)

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