‘Good luck owl’ up for sale for Rs 3 lakh, seized in Chamarajanagar

An owl, which was on sale for Rs 3 lakh, and two people were caught by District Crime Intelligence Bureau (DCIB) under Ramapura police station limits of Chamarajanagar on Wednesday.

They were trying to sell it off claiming that the bird would bring good luck for the owner.

The arrested have been identified as Kempaiah and Shambegowda, both from Meenyam village of Hanur taluk. The duo had kept the owl in a box in a public place and were looking for a buyer.

In neighbouring Tamil Nadu there is a popular belief that keeping an owl as pet brings good luck.

Police have also seized a two-wheeler from the arrested. They have been booked under Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.

Source: https://www.deccanchronicle.com/nation/current-affairs/090318/good-luck-owl-up-for-sale-for-rs-3-lakh-seized-in-chamarajanaga.html

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