Hanuman statue may take 2 years to complete in Bengaluru

The 62-ft-tall Hanuman statue coming up at Kacharakanahalli, northeast Bengaluru, will take nearly two years to see the light of day.

Sri Rama Chaithanya Vardhini Trust has deployed over a dozen sculptors to carve the statue from a single piece of rock weighing 750 tonnes at Kacharakanahalli. According to trust members, the statue may cost more than the estimated Rs 10 crore. The rock was transported in a 300-wheel truck from Byrapura in Kolar district to Bengaluru. It weighed 1,450 tonnes before it was hewn at the site and brought to Bengaluru. The trustees said their initial plan to erect the mammoth statue by Ramanavami next April will not materialise and they need at least one and a half or two years.

The statue, which will be 25-ft wide, is now kept on a halfacre land where sculpting is under way. The trust has reserved 4.1 acres of land where a temple already exists for installing the statue and developing a park around it.

Former corporator B Govindaraju, one of the trust’s directors, said the height of the entire structure, including the pedestal, will go up to 72 ft. At present, 15 sculptors are at it and the number would increase. Also, the foundation of the statue will be more than 40-ft deep. Soil testing at the site is over, he added.

Srinivas, vice president of the trust, said the statue will resemble the Moola Vigraha which is in the temple since 400 years. The statue first hit headlines in April, when stretches of Hennur and Kacharakanahalli main roads were damaged, medians broken, electric poles uprooted and a drain blocked to ferry the rock.

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