One cow, five owners: Ernakulam village solves queer puzzle

A small village in Ernakulam witnessed a queer squabble over a rescued cow with five people claiming ownership of the silent beast.

People at Mekkadambu, Valakam, had rescued the cow swept away by the floodwaters. Some people then appeared, feigning to be happy that their lost cow has been found, even going to the extent of hugging the animal and shedding tears of joy.

Each of the five claimants competed to put up a better performance. As dispute raged over the ownership, a local homeo doctor detected an insurance tag on the cow’s ear. A veterinary doctor from Ooramana was then summoned.

Officials at the IT cell traced the original owner of the cow – Baby of Edakkara, Rakkad. The fake claimants then vanished. Baby’s house had been flooded, including the cattle shed, in the deluge last week. As efforts were on to save people at home, he let the cow go free.

Baby hasn’t taken the cow back home as it has been wrecked in the flooding.

The worst floods in a century killed over 230 people in Kerala since August 8 and caused colossal loss of property, agriculture, and infrastructure.

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