Emirati millionaire’s luxury ‘white bull’ Lamborghini turns up in Poland after it was stolen while being shipped to London from Cannes

An Emirati millionaire’s luxury ‘white bull’ Lamborghini has turned up in Poland after it was stolen while being shipped to London from Cannes.


The £422,000 Lamborghini Aventador LP760-2 is a special model created by Oakley Design and only five of them were ever made.

Owner Abdullah Alfahim, whose Instagram account is followed by more than 71,500 people, had posted a picture of the vehicle, saying that he was taking it with him to Europe.

He was then contacted by a person, who allegedly set up a fake Instagram account, offering his services to move the supercar from France to London, reports Khaleej Times.

Alfahim, 30, from the UAE, posted a photo of the car about to be transported to London on social media with the comment: ‘Have a safe trip white bull….’

But: ‘The so-called company picked up my car from Intercontinental Hotel in Cannes. A day before I flew to London, the man called me and said the Lamborghini will be at the hotel in London in one hour.

‘He blocked my number after that, and I never heard from him again.’

As soon as he realised the car had not arrived, Alfahim told Interpol and the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in London after he was unable to contact the company supposedly transporting it.

Tapping into his thousands of followers, his social media posts went viral, and police have now found his car – in the Polish capital city of Warsaw where it was attracting admiring glances after being left parked on the street.

Officers said the car was being driven by a 29-year-old Nepalese man who is now under arrest.

The car has been secured and will be returned to its rightful owner, they said.

Alfahim believes his car might have been stolen to order from Russia.

Currently, it is being held at the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Warsaw.

‘Posts on social media made it easier for the police to find my car and I cannot be more grateful to those who have helped spread the information,’ Alfahim added.

‘I would also like to thank Interpol and the Polish police for their hard work and extensive search.’

After he broke the news broke on Instagram about his vehicle being recovered, one man posted: ‘The bull is back with you brother.’

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